Retro Gaming is the new Modern Gaming – Online Gaming August 2021

My mission


Let’s face it, we all need a bit of downtime from time to time. Gaming used to carry the stigma of being locked in a dark room on your own spending hours and hours chasing a dot around the screen. Fast forward to 2021 many developers have multi million pound budgets, games are complex and have engrossing storylines. Gaming is now considered to be one the world’s top pastimes alongside movies and music.


However, one could argue that what is missing from a lot of modern games is the sheer fun factor of being able to dip in and out of a game for 10 minutes on your lunch break. With modern complex games also comes long loading screens and credits and complex storylines and gameplay you have to scramble to remember. 


Recently I embarked on a mission to find a game I could play in my lunch time and I was pleased to know that some of the old classics are available to play online. See below just a few I am currently addicted to playing.



Space Alien Invaders

A timeless classic based on the original. 


I remember booting up the original Space Invaders game on the Atari and sinking hours into the game. My imagination ran wild, I was a huge fan of the sci fi genre. This brings back so many memories and my initial 10 minute play through soon had me playing throughout my lunch break.

Zombie Typing Practice – Typing – but fun! 

We all spend hours typing. 2021 is a landscape of technology full of different devices and screens. Phones and predictive text have arguably taken over traditional typing and less people are typing out emails or letters. I thought I’d put my typing skills to the ultimate test. After all, this was to do with Zombies. What could possibly go wrong!? One round turned into multiple rounds and before I knew it I was on wave 15! This is fun for all the family.



Gaming has come a long way since my initial gaming days of the early 90s. As I stated above, my mission was to find games that were engaging but that I could dip into for 10 minutes or so on my lunch break. I found an online gaming site that fulfilled all of this for me and crucially is available on my phone as well as the PC. I found that gaming actually decreased my stress levels and allowed me to tap into my inner child! Going back to that project at work after my lunch I found it was that little less daunting!

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